Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Resting, travelling and off the bike for a few days

A day off the bike looking at the Palais de Papes – Avignon was the home of the Popes for a number of years in the 14th Century.  They built some incredible buildings, although curiously, no cathedral.  Or if they did, it’s long gone.

A long lunch set us up well for a nap and a bit of bike packing, while Ted checked out some museums.  We had a quick early meal in the bohemian part of town before catching the most spectacular light show back at the Palais.  It was just incredible and no photos can do justice to it.  You had to be there.  So glad we didn’t miss that.  But here's a photo not doing it justice anyway.

This morning (Tuesday) Camilla headed off to London to write a conference paper and Ted to Sydney via Rome.  I’m writing this on a multi-stage train trip to Verona tonight and Trento, Italy in the morning.   I’m in Trento for 5 days for the UCI World Cycling Tour Finals. You know, the one I qualified for and got the UCI medal. J

And that Christian and Mark can now do next year if they want to having got their own UCI medals at Amy’s Gran Fondo down in Lorne on the weekend. 

Travelling with a bicycle in a bag on trains is relatively easy – except for all the stairs you have to drag the bag up and down ever so gently.  Lucky I work out, that’s all I can say. It's been worth having some upper body strength. 

Still on the scale of things, the train travel across 3 countries and with multiple connections is actually relatively easy. But I am glad the bag has wheels. 

Spent a nice morning looking around Verona and now I'm in Trento, have rebuilt the bike without snapping the headset bolts this time and it's plugged in, charging (that still makes me laugh).  Racing cobblestones tomorrow evening.  If you never see another blog, it's because I died on the cobblestones. 

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