Saturday, August 31, 2013

For tomorrow we race ...

Anticipation, nervousness.  I just want this to start!  Tomorrow we roll out at 11:30am from Solsona after a 90 minute transfer from Barcelona.  That's 7:30pm Sunday evening in Australia.  

Stage 1 Solsona to La Seu d'Urgell -  87kms with 2,300m climbing on 3 cols.  

Just home from registration, briefing and a paella party down on the docks.  Actually that was the fastest meal I've ever witnessed.  I reckon it took no more than 45 minutes to feed 400 cyclists 2 courses before everyone bolted out the door.  All, like me, keen to get on with it no doubt. 

I've got my number - only looking a little wide eyed and haunted here.

Today we went for a 50km spin around Barcelona, up to a church high up on the highest mountain behind Barcelona.  It was a relatively easy climb of a few kms with a maybe 4% avg gradient.  

The church is impressive.  You can see it down at the seaside - it's topped by a Jesus with arms open wide, watching over the city and spreading love.  Only just a little compromised by the theme park on its immediate slopes, complete with waterslides! 

Here we are setting off making use of more of Barcelona's excellent cycling infrastructure.

Endearingly people had clipped hundreds of little padlocks with messages of love to the safety fence up around the church.  That's Barcelona in the background. 

We thought of stopping at the cafe up at the church but Boy George was playing loudly.  This didn't inspire us.  Fortunately we were riding with a local who showed us the most lovely cafe down in a village at the bottom of the hill.  Last chance to sit around and eat coffee and pastries until we get to the Bay of Biscay next Saturday.

But for now, packing and resting. 

Did I mention I am feeling a bit anxious!!!!

PS: Forgot to mention Greg LeMond is riding with us tomorrow!  

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